Date of release: 2008-09-01

Changes on the FTL side

  • New built-in: xhtml. See more here...

  • New special variable: template_name. See more here...

  • Now you can use the values of parameters as the defaults of other parameters, for example <#macro section title label=title>. In earlier versions it worked unreliably. There are no restriction regarding the order of parameters, like <#macro section label=title title> works too.

  • Added a new number format specifier, computer. This uses the same formatting as exp?c.

Changes on the Java side

  • The constructor to freemarker.ext.servlet.AllHttpScopesHashModel is now public, allowing it to be reused in 3rd party web frameworks.

  • Bugfix: freemarker.ext.beans.SimpleMapModel (unlike either freemarker.ext.beans.MapModel or freemarker.template.SimpleHash) didn't allow lookup by java.lang.Character key when passed a single-character string as a key.

  • Bugfix: permissive unwrapping in freemarker.template.utility.DeepUnwrap class was not recursively permissive with elements of sequences and hashes.

  • Bugfix: freemarker.ext.beans.MapModel returns BeansWrapper.wrap(null) instead of null for null values explicitly bound into the map.

  • Bugfix: Fixed a subtle bug with property getters of classes implementing a type-parametrized interface.

  • Bug fixed: A further corner case of [1939742].