Date of release: 2008-12-16

Changes on the FTL side

  • Bug fixed: Hash concatenation (like hash1 + hash2) shuffled the order of keys/values even if both hashes were ordered.

  • In web pages that are based on the FreemarkerServlet, you can now use <@include_page path="..."/> to use servlet includes. See more here...

Changes on the Java side

  • The BeansWrapper can automatically detect that classes were reloaded by JavaRebel.

  • Fixed a bug that caused null to be returned from Environment.getCurrentEnvironment() while processing autoincludes and autoimports. (See bug report)

  • Fixed a bug that caused getObject(Object) method on POJOs to not be recognized as a general get method.

  • Substantially improved performance of the <#break> directive.

  • DeepUnwrap now unwraps custom null model of the current object wrapper into a Java null.