Date of release: 2008-05-05

Changes on the FTL side

  • New built-ins for rounding numbers: round, floor, ceiling. See more here...

Changes on the Java side

  • [1898300], [1818742], [1780882]: Reworked template caching mechanism for radically improved concurrent performance, with help from Azul Systems engineers. (Achieved 20x speedup with Struts2 webapps on a 128-CPU Azul device compared to 2.3.12.) Also, template loading (including parsing) errors are now cached, improving performance in applications that often try to get missing templates.

  • [1892546] Allow for custom TemplateLoader in FreemarkerServlet.

  • Bug fixed: [1725107] Using the FreeMarker JSP taglib support with Servlet 2.4 may generates XML validation warnings.

  • Bug fixed: [1939742] ConcurrentModificationException on accessing nonexistent SimpleHash entries in a loop

  • Bug fixed: [1902012] IteratorModel eats exception causes

  • Bug fixed: <#assign x></#assign> (empty nested content) has caused NullPointerException

  • Bug fixed: [1926150] CachedTemplate should be serializable