2.3.7 RC1

Date of release: 2006-04-27

This release contains many bugfixes and some FreemarkerServlet related improvements. It's a Release Candidate, which means that it shouldn't be used in production environment yet. We recommend this release for development, however. Please test it.

Changes on the Java side

  • FreemarkerServlet improvement: AllHttpScopesHashModel is now public, so you can add unlisted variables to the data-model.

  • FreemarkerServlet improvement: When it throws a ServletException, the J2SE 1.4 cause exception is now set under J2SE 1.4.

  • Bug fixed: [1469275] NullPointerException when using BeansWrapper with reloaded classes

  • Bug fixed: [1449467] HttpSessionHashModel is not Serializable

  • Bug fixed: [1435113] Error in BeanWrapper with indexed properties

  • Bug fixed: [1411705] Acquisition bug in TemplateCache

  • Bug fixed: [1459699] Tag syntax can't set with Configuration.setSetting(String, String)

  • Bug fixed: [1473403] ReturnInstruction.Return should be public

Changes on the FTL side

  • Bug fixed: [1463664]kup [/#noparse] is printed out