Date of release: 2005-10-10

Some new features and bugfixes.

Changes on the FTL side

  • Now you can use [ and ] instead of < and > for the FreeMarker tags. For example you can write [#if loggedIn]...[/#if] and [@myMacro /]. More info...

  • Bugfix: the has_content built-in returned false for number, date and boolean values (if the value was not a multi-type value that is also a sequence or collection or hash or string). Now it always returns true for a number, date or boolean values (except if the value is also a sequence or collection or hash or string, because then it will be examined only like that).

Changes on the Java side

  • Bugfix: the parameterless constructor of the ClassTemplateLoader didn't worked.

  • Bugfix: The Jython wrapper didn't wrapped java.util.Date objects well. Now it wraps them with BeanWrapper to TemplateDateModel.

  • Bugfix: the include directive was blamed when the included file had syntax error.

Other changes

  • Minor Manual fixes.