Date of release: 2007-04-20

This release contains several important bugfixes.

Changes on the Java side

  • [1589245] MultiTemplateLoader clears its internal cached data (used for optimizing subsequent lookups of the same template) when Configuration.clearTemplateCache() is invoked.

  • [1619257] A bug that caused an exception when strict_bean_model was used in a FreeMarker configuration Properties object or in the <#setting .../> directive has been fixed.

  • [1685176] A bug that caused StackOverflowError in certain interactions of garbage collector with MRU cache under Sun's Java 6 JVM has been fixed.

  • [1686955] When ResourceBundleModel constructs MessageFormat objects, it passes them its own locale. More info...

  • [1691432] A bug that caused BeansWrapper.EXPOSE_SAFE to be no safer than BeansWrapper.EXPOSE_ALL has been fixed.

Changes on the FTL side

  • [1628550] You can now use dateExp?string.full for formatting dates using Java built-in format java.util.Date.FULL More info...