Date of release: 2004-March-13

Maintenance and bugfix release. Some of improvements are back-portings from FreeMarker 2.3rc1.

Changes on the FTL side

  • New special variable: .vars. This is useful to read top-level variables with square bracket syntax, for example .vars["name-with-hyphens"] and .vars[dynamicName].

  • New built-ins for Java and JavaScript string escaping: j_string and js_string

Changes on the Java side

  • Bugfix: The template cache didn't reload the template when it was replaced with an older version.

  • Bugfix: freemarker.template.utility.DeepUnwrap unwrapped sequences to empty ArrayList-s.

  • Bugfix: In error messages, when the quoted FTL directive had nested content, that was quoted as well, so the quotation could be very long and expose nested lines needlessly.

  • freemarker.template.TemplateExceptionHandler.HTML_DEBUG_HANDLER now prints more HTML-context-proof messages.

  • You can query the FreeMarker version number with static method Configuration.getVersionNumber(). Also, the included in freemarker.jar now contains the FreeMarker version number, furthermore, executing it with java -jar freemarker.jar will print the version number to the stdout.

  • Date support is now labeled as final. (It was experimental earlier.) There was no change since FreeMarker 2.2.1.

Other changes

  • Fixes and improvements in the Manual and in the API JavaDoc. The documentation now works with the Eclipse help plugin (accessible in the "Editor/IDE plugins" section of the FreeMarker Web page).

  • Minor site improvements.