Date of release: 2003-07-19

Bugfix release.

Changes on the FTL side

  • Added the is_date built-in.

  • Bugfix: Various is_xxx built-ins were returning false when applied to undefined expressions. Now they correctly fail on them.

Changes on the Java side

  • Bugfix: The JSP taglib support can now read JSP 1.2 compliant TLD XML files.

  • Bugfix: The JSP taglib support now emits more helpful exception messages when the specified TLD XML file is not found (previously it threw a NullPointerException).

  • Bugfix: The JSP taglib support now initializes a custom tag after its parent and page context is set as some tags expect them to be set when attribute setters are called.

  • Bugfix: The BeansWrapper could fail to analyze classes under very rare circumstances due to a premature storage optimization.