Date of release: 2003-04-11

This version introduces important new features, such as the native FTL date/time type, and the auto-include and auto-import settings.

The date/time support is experimental, but we hope it will not substantially change. We would like to label it as final ASAP, so we urge everybody to send feedback on this topic to the mailing lists.

Changes on the FTL side

Changes on the Java side

  • New TemplateModel subinterface: TemplateDateModel. For more information read Programmer's Guide/The Data Model/Scalars

  • auto-include and auto-import: With these new configuration level settings, you can include and import commonly used templates (usually collection of macro definitions) at the top of all templates, without actually typing <#include ...> or <#import ...> into the templates again and again. For more information please read the Java API documentation of Configuration

  • New template method: createProcessingEnvironment. This method makes it possible for you to do some special initialization on the Environment before template processing, or to read the environment after template processing. For more information please read the Java API documentation.

  • Changes to freemarker.ext.beans package: BeanModel, MapModel, and ResourceModel now implement TemplateHashModelEx.

  • Bugfix: Configurable.setSettings(Properties) didn't removed redundant spaces/tabs at the end of property values.