Date of release: 2003-02-08

Changes on the Java side

  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug that forced the cache to frequently reload templates accessed through URL and multi template loaders: Templates loaded with URLTemplateLoader subclasses and MultiTemplateLoader was removed from the template cache after the template update delay has elapsed (5 seconds by default) even if the template file was unchanged. This can cause lot of extra load for a high-traffic server if you have many templates or if the template update delay was set to 0 second.)

  • Bugfix: Many anomalies in the JythonWrapper were resolved, making the integration with Jython much smoother: Jython wrapper can now wrap arbitrary Java objects, not only PyObject-s. If an object is passed to the wrapper that is neither a TemplateModel, nor a PyObject, it is first coerced into a PyObject using Jython's own wrapping machinery, and then wrapped into a TemplateModel as any other PyObject.