Date of release: 2002-11-28

Changes in FTL (FreeMarker Template Language)

  • FreeMarkerServlet now has a setting for the Content-Type header of the response, defaulting to text/html. Previously it set no content type, which made it not play nicely when integrated with software that expected it (i.e. OpenSymphony SiteMesh).

  • FreeMarkerServlet now works correctly when mapped to an URL extension instead of URL path prefix.

  • You can emulate include directive call within Java code by calling Environment.include(templateName, charset, parse).

  • Bugfix: When Template.process() was called from another template processing, it set currentEnvironment to null when it returned, thus crashed the parent template processing.

  • Bugfix: the _descendant key in JDOM support incorrectly left the document root element out of the result when applied to a Document node.

  • Bugfix: because we incorrectly assumed certain behavior of JDK 1.4 Beans introspector, calls to public interface methods on non-public classes that implement the interface were causing exceptions on JDK 1.4

Other changes

  • Various minor supplements to the manual.

  • Documentation HTML pages don't try to load the SourceForge logo from the Internet anymore.

  • The default ant target is jar, not dist.