2.0 RC3

FreeMarker 2.0 RC3 was released on 11 April 2002. This release was primarily devoted to fixing bugs that were reported in RC2.

Bug Fixes

  • Variables defined in an <include...> were not available in the enclosing page. This has been fixed.

  • The JavaCC parser was not configured to handle Unicode input correctly. Now, Unicode support is working.

  • There was a bug when comparing a number with null. It should have returned false, but threw an exception instead. This has been fixed.

Changes to the Template Language

  • The syntax of the include directive has changed. To indicate an unparsed include file, you do as follows:

    <include "included.html" ; parsed="n" >

    You can also indicate the encoding of the included file this way:

     <include "included.html" ; encoding="ISO-8859-5">
  • The built-in myString?trim was added for trimming the leading and trailing white-space from strings.

API changes

  • The TemplateEventAdapter machinery was taken out. This was never set up in a very useful manner and we anticipate that version 2.1 will have more complete support for logging events.

  • The template caching mechanism was streamlined and simplified.

  • The FileTemplateCache can now be configured to load files relative to a class loader, using the Class.getResource() call. This allows templates to be bundled up in .jar files or in a .war file for easy deployment of web-based apps.