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ArrayModel, CollectionModel, DefaultEnumerationAdapter, DefaultIterableAdapter, DefaultIteratorAdapter, DefaultNonListCollectionAdapter, EnumerationModel, IteratorModel, JythonSequenceModel, NodeListModel, SimpleCollection

public interface TemplateCollectionModel extends TemplateModel
"collection" template language data type: a collection of values that can be enumerated, but can't be or not meant to be accessed by index or key, nor the number of elements in it is known. As such, this is very similar to Java's Iterable interface (but it predates that interface, hence the unfortunate class name).

Note that this is not a super-interface of TemplateSequenceModel, and implementations of that interface needn't also implement this interface just because they can. They should though, if enumeration with this interface is significantly faster than enumeration by index. The #list directive will enumerate using this interface if it's available.

The enumeration should be repeatable if that's possible with reasonable effort, otherwise a second enumeration attempt is allowed to throw an TemplateModelException. Generally, the interface user Java code need not handle that kind of exception, as in practice only the template author can handle it, by not listing such collections twice.

Note that to wrap Java's Collection, you should implement TemplateCollectionModelEx, not just this interface.

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    Retrieves a template model iterator that is used to iterate over the elements in this collection.