Package freemarker.ext.jython

package freemarker.ext.jython
Exposes Jython objects to templates. The default object wrapper of FreeMarker automatically wraps Jython nodes with this.

Most of the issues dealing with Jython objects are handled by the JythonWrapper.wrap(Object) method. In normal cases, this is the only method you should use to turn an arbitrary Jython object into a FreeMarker TemplateModel. Additionally, you can manually create instances of any wrapper class using its constructors.

  • Class Summary
    Model for Jython dictionaries (PyDictionary and PyStringMap).
    Generic model for arbitrary Jython objects.
    Model for Jython numeric objects (PyInteger, PyLong, PyFloat).
    Model for Jython sequence objects (PySequence descendants).
    Functions that has a different implementation depending on the Jython version used.
    An object wrapper that wraps Jython objects into FreeMarker template models and vice versa.