Class MarkupOutputFormat<MO extends TemplateMarkupOutputModel>

Type Parameters:
MO - The TemplateMarkupOutputModel class this output format can deal with.
Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class MarkupOutputFormat<MO extends TemplateMarkupOutputModel> extends OutputFormat
Superclass of OutputFormat-s that represent a "markup" format, which is any format where certain character sequences have special meaning, and thus may need escaping. (Escaping is important for FreeMarker, as typically it has to insert non-markup text from the data-model into the output markup. See also: Configuration.setOutputFormat(OutputFormat).)

A MarkupOutputFormat subclass always has a corresponding TemplateMarkupOutputModel subclass pair (like HTMLOutputFormat has TemplateHTMLOutputModel). The OutputFormat implements the operations related to TemplateMarkupOutputModel objects of that kind, while the TemplateMarkupOutputModel only encapsulates the data (the actual markup or text).

To implement a custom output format, you may want to extend CommonMarkupOutputFormat.