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Syntax highlight definitions and other plugins for text editors and IDE-s. We encourage everybody to develop and send syntax highlight definitions or other plugins for his/her favorite editor or IDE!

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Eclipse Syntax highlighting (template language only), syntax error markers, completion proposals for template language constructs and data-model members.

This plugin was developed at JBoss Tools by Red Hat Inc., but since then they have dropped it, and so what we link here is an "unofficial" maintenance fork made by an individual, not by JBoss (Red Hat Inc.), nor by Apache.

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Report bugs or contribute here: https://github.com/ddekany/jbosstools-freemarker

Eclipse update site: http://dl.bintray.com/freemarker/freemarker-ide/

Emacs Syntax highlight, indentation, block folding, some code navigation. Emacs major-mode for editing Web templates, includes FreeMarker support among others. The homepage of web-mode.el
Emacs (tried with 20.7) Syntax highlighting ftl.el v0.1
Kate and KWrite (tried with Kate 2.5.10 and 3.2) Syntax highlighting kwriteftl.tar.gz (2009-08-08)
NetBeans (tried with 8.0.2) Syntax highlight, syntax error marker, directive name auto-completion. Can be installed from NetBeans, under Tools/Plugins. Also manually from its NetBeans plugin portal page...
NetBeans (6.0, may doesn't work with 7+) Syntax highlight, code completion, template navigation Download from its NetBeans plugin portal page...
TextMate Syntax highlight Install from GitHub Project
TextPad 4 or later Syntax highlight textpadftl.zip (2003-03-24)
Vim ("Vi IMproved") Syntax highlight ftl.vim (2011-10-07)

Note that some editors/IDEs, such as IntelliJ IDEA and jEdit, supports FreeMarker out-of-the-box.