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Syntax highlight definitions and other plugins for text editors and IDE-s. We encourage everybody to develop and send syntax highlight definitions or other plugins for his/her favorite editor or IDE!

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Eclipse Syntax highlight, syntax error marker, code completion for macro names and bean property names.

This is developed as part of JBoss Tools.

On Eclipse Oxygen (starting from JBoss Tools 4.5.1): Go to "Help" / "Eclipse Marketplace...", search for "JBoss Tools", "Install". A tree of check boxes will appear, uncheck all (by unchecking the root) except "JBoss Central Community". After installing that, in the Red Hat Central tab (if it's not already open, click the Red Hat icon on the toolbar), on that click the "Add Tools" icon (it looks like a bunch of tools), and there check out "Freemarker IDE", and press "Install/Update" at the bottom.

On Eclipse Neon, go to "Help" / "Eclipse Marketplace...", search for "JBoss Tools" (should give version 4.4.x), "Install". A tree of check boxes will appear, uncheck all (by unchecking the root) except "FreeMarker IDE".

On older Eclipse versions such as Mars and Luna, the Marketplace only offers JBoss Tools versions in which the FreeMarker support is way too old. But you can install a newer "FreeMarker IDE" manually, and try if it works on your older Eclipse version. The versions made for Eclipse Neon has worked fine on Mars. In Eclipse, go to "Help" / "Install New Software...", and copy-paste http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/neon/stable/updates/ (or even http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/oxygen/stable/updates/) into the "Work with" field. In the text filter field below start to type "freemarker" (or expand the check box tree appearing below), and select "FreeMarker IDE". Be sure no other components was checked. Then "Next", "Next", "Finish".

Report bugs found on the bug tracker of the JBoss Tools project (Key: JBIDE; Component: freemarker), and help to make the plugin better on GitHub!

To install the nightly development version, use this Eclipse update site: http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/oxygen/snapshots/builds/jbosstools-freemarker_master/latest/all/repo/

Note: If the plugin comes with an older FreeMarker version than the one your application uses, it will mark the usage of too fresh language features as errors. To fix this, find freemarker*.jar inside the installed plugin, under <userHome>/.eclipse/ or under the Eclipse installation directory (you may need to search inside jar-s). Exit Eclipse, and overwrite it with the freemarker.jar you want, but keep the file name of the replaced jar. You may also need to find and delete the extracted OSGi bundle under configuration\org.eclipse.osgi for the changes to take effect.

Emacs Syntax highlight, indentation, block folding, some code navigation. Emacs major-mode for editing Web templates, includes FreeMarker support among others. The homepage of web-mode.el
Emacs (tried with 20.7) Syntax highlighting ftl.el v0.1
Kate and KWrite (tried with Kate 2.5.10 and 3.2) Syntax highlighting kwriteftl.tar.gz (2009-08-08)
NetBeans (tried with 8.0.2) Syntax highlight, syntax error marker, directive name auto-completion. Can be installed from NetBeans, under Tools/Plugins. Also manually from its NetBeans plugin portal page...
NetBeans (6.0, may doesn't work with 7+) Syntax highlight, code completion, template navigation Download from its NetBeans plugin portal page...
TextMate Syntax highlight Install from GitHub Project
TextPad 4 or later Syntax highlight textpadftl.zip (2003-03-24)
Vim ("Vi IMproved") Syntax highlight ftl.vim (2011-10-07)

Note that some editors/IDEs, such as IntelliJ IDEA and jEdit, supports FreeMarker out-of-the-box.